Angstrom Advanced ADX-2500 X-ray Diffraction Instrument

Angstrom Advanced ADX-2500 X-ray Diffraction Instrument provides the structure analysis of single crystal, polycrystalline and amorphous sample.ADX-2500 is capable of the following: phase qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis (RIR, Internal standard calibration, External standard calibration, Additive criterion), pattern indexing, unit cell determination and refinement, crystallite size and strain determination, profile fitting and structure refinement, residual stress determination, texture analysis(ODF expresses three-dimensional pole figure), crystallinity estimate from peak areas, thin film analysis and others.


Angstrom Advanced ADX-2700 X-ray Diffraction Instrument

Angstrom Advanced ADX-2700 θ-θ Powder X-ray Diffraction Instrument is multi-function diffractometer with exceptional analysis speed, reliability and reproducibility. The ADX2700 is a diffraction instrument designed for the challenges of modern materials research. ADX2700 can analyze powders, liquids, thin films, nanomaterials and many other different materials. The ADX2700 can be used for many different applications: Academic, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical & Petrochemical, Material Research, Thin Film Metrology, Nano technology, Food & Cosmetics, Forensics, Mining & Minerals, Metals, Plastics & Polymers, etc.


Angstrom Advanced AXFQ series portable directional X-ray flaw detector

Angstrom Advanced AXFQ series flaw detectors are ideal for non destructive testing (NDT) of thin iron plate, aluminum material, rubber and so on.The glass x-ray tube allows to get images of excellent quality and clarity.


Angstrom Advanced AXFH series portable panoramic X-ray flaw detector

Angstrom Advanced AXFH series portable circumferential glass tube X-ray flaw detector is designed to facilitate non destructive testing (NDT) of welding seam of pipes and tubes with small diameters. With the optional propelling wheels or pipe crawler installed, the X-ray generator can be easily positioned in any pipe. The NDT of circumferential welding can be accomplished in one exposure.


Angstrom Advanced AXFG series portable X-ray flaw detector

Angstrom Advanced AXFG series detector is equipped with a rippled ceramic x-ray tube. Some of the advantages of using rippled ceramic x-ray tube are: higher voltage and power, smaller size, higher stability and longer service life. With its long service life, good shockproof ability, compact size and lightweight design, AXFG X-ray flaw detector is the best choice for most applications.

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