Model 752S UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
  Model UV1600/1800 Scanning Spectrophotometer
  Model Gold 54 UV/VIS Scanning Spectrophotometer
  Model UV1900 Double Beam Spectrophotometer
  Model S410 NIR Spectrophotometer
  Model 93 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
  WGH-30/30A Double-beam Spectrophotometer
  Particle Size Analyzers
  ABT-1600 Image Particle Size Analyzer
  ABT-2001 Laser Particle Size Analyzer
  ABT-2003 Laser Particle Size Analyzer
  ABT-9300S Laser Particle Size Analyzer
  ABT-9000 Nano Laser Particle Size Analyzer
  Atomic Force/Scanning Probe Microscope
AA2000 Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
  AA3000 Scanning Probe Microscope(SPM)
  AA5000 multi-function SPM systems
AA8000 multi-function SEM systems
  OS-AA Opening Multifunction Probe Microscope
Element analyzer
Angstrom-6D Carbon & Sulfur Analyze  
  Angstrom-8 Multi-Element Analyzer  
  ANS8820 Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer
  ANS8800 Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer
  AFS2007 Flame Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer
  AFS2008 Flame Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer
  AFS2009 Flame Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer
  AA320N Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Nitrogen Generating Plants
Nitrogen/Oxygen Generator by Pressure Swing Adsorption
  Nitrogen Generator by Membrane Separation
  Nitrogen Purifying System
  HPLC and GC 
  CXTH Binary high pressure gradient HPLC system
  Model GC102AF/AT Gas Chromatogra
  Model GC112A Gas Chromatograph
  Model GC122 Gas Chromatograph
  LC-100 S-HPLCTM Accessary
X-ray Diffractometers and X-ray Flaw Detector
AXFQ series (directional, glass tube)
  AXFH series (panoramic, glass tube)
  AXFG series (directional, rippled ceramic tube)
  ADX-2500 XRD
  ADX-2700 XRD
Gas Generators
HGH series Hydrogen Generator
  HGN series Nitrogen Generator
  HYA series Air Generator
  GTL-300/500 Combined Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Air Generator
Hydrogen Generating Plant
Hydrogen Generating Plant by Water Electrolysis
  Hydrogen Generator by Pressure Swing Adsorption
  Hydrogen Generation Plant by Methanol
  Hydrogen Generator by Ammonia Decomposition with Purifying System
  Hydrogen Purifying System

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