Angstrom Advanced HGN-300 and HGN-500 Nitrogen Generator


Angstrom Advanced HGN 300/500 Portable Nitrogen Generator


Angstrom Advanced HGN-300 & HGN-500 nitrogen gas generators utilize theories of physical adsorption and electrochemical seperation and use rare metal as catalytic agent. The instrument can directly extract highly pure (as high as 99.999%) nitrogen from the air. There is no need of deoxidation. The generators are compact and advanced in technology. They are very suitable for gas chromatographs and micro coulomb meters. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products with highest standard of service at cost efficient pricing
  • The electrolysis pool is made of stainless steel and it can store liquid, electrolysis of nitrogen and release oxygen at the same time
  • Large electrolysis area, low temperature of the pool and high nitrogen production,
  • The generator has a specially designed unit that prevents liquid from backflowing
  • Protection against over pressure and over flow
  • Very stable performance and long lifetime
  • The flow rate is displayed using digital LED display
  • Compact size, light weight, and ease of operation.
Purity of produced Nitrogen 99.999%
Output flow HGN-300: 0-300 ml/min
HGN-500: 0-500 ml/min
Work pressure 0 – 0.4 MPa
Input air pressure 0.4 – 0.5 MPa
Power Supply AC 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
The maximal power consumption 100 W
Input air discharge ≥ 600 ml/min
Weight 21 kg

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