Angstrom Advanced GHA-300/500 Combined Hydrogen and Air Generator


Angstrom Advanced GHA 300/500 Combined Hydrogen and Air Generator


Based on Angstrom Advanced HGH high purity hydrogen generator and Angstrom Advanced HYA air generator, GHA-series generator combines the two with great quality and user friendly design. It is a perfect combination of safety, convenience, and reliability, featuring advanced technique and stable performance.


  • Hydrogen and air can be generated together or separately
  • Air passage: since the cylinder is made of stainless steel, there is no rustic water like in generators which use carbon-steel cylinder
  • Hydrogen passage: advanced switching power supply is adopted so that efficiency of electrolysis can be highest
  • Multi-stage protective device is installed, improving effectively the safe operation of the instrument.


Purity of produced Air Purity of produced Air
Purity of produced Hydrogen 99.999%
Output flow Hydrogen: 0-300 mL/min; Air: 0-2L/min
Hydrogen: 0-500 mL/min; Air: 0-5L/min
Output pressure 0 ~ 0. 5MPa (factory default setting: 0.5±0.01MPa)
Power supply AC 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
The maximal power consumption 270W(320W)

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