Angstrom Advanced Atomic Force Microscopes

Angstrom Advanced has recently been contracted to provide products and services relating to their newest line of Atomic Force Microscopes to a number of research universities around the world. This is a great success for the small company who just started offering Atomic Force Microscopes last year (2008). The products provided include the AA3000 and the AA5000. Both are capable of operating in contact, tapping, lateral-force, and stm mode. The AA5000 has a few extra options over the AA3000 including nanolithography functions, magnetic force microscopy, conductive AFM and replaceable scanner heads. Angstrom Advanced will also be offering phone and e-mail technical support to aid in the installation and commissioning of these instruments. These instruments will be used in semiconductor and nanotechnology research labs to further academic developments, and Angstrom is hoping the research performed using their instruments will help to revolutionize the industry. The company firmly believes that this will help to further increase their market share in the nanotechnology industry by adding to their visibility and reputation.

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