Angstrom Advanced: AA8000 Multi-function SEM System


Angstrom Advanced AA8000 SEM is a true multi-purpose, multi-user instrument. It excels in versatility and flexibility by combining high performance in all SEM modes & Particle counter with ease of operation in a multi-user material research environment. This instrument features a perfect balance between stable configuration and an excellent resolution. Angstrom-SEM clearly shows Angstrom’s state-of-art technology. Its rock-solid reliability and fully automated control functions provide customer with the maximum analytical capability. Angstrom Advanced SEM pursues compact SEM design which is great for office environment. Angstrom-SEM provides high scan speed and pixel resolution and high performance control driver with new PCI board. A full set of automated image adjustment functions make it easy for new users to quickly acquire crisp, noise-free images. Even experienced users will benefit from the automated contrast, brightness and focus.


High Performance

  • Field proven image quality
  • Upgraded scan speed and pixel resolution.
  • Wide variety of optional instrument
  • Resolution : 3.0 nm
  • Magnification : ~1,000,000X
  • Display : Photo 4096X 4096
  • Search : 640X480 30fps
  • Options : BSE / WDS / EDS / EBSD / Etc.

Gun Column

  • Gun design for stable current supply
  • Dual field objective lens for spherical
  • Aberration reduction
  • Movable aperture for beam centering
  • Upgraded design of magnetic lens (CL/OL)

Chamber & Stage

  • 5 axis eucentric stage
  • Option: Stage motorization
  • EDS,WDS,CCD, Manipulator etc
  • 50X60X57mm


  • ET-bar type SE detector
  • SE & BSE double image mode
  • Option: BSE detector


  • Window based GUI
  • PC controlled operation
  • Image thumbnail & storage
  • Parameter Display

Vacuum System

  • Automatic & Manual control
  • Automatic Safety System
  • R.P+D.P/ R.P+TMP

Image Analyzer

  • Data transfer to Excel
  • Particle counter for blob analysis
  • Multi-focusing & Tiling
  • 3D data view etc


Resolution 3.0 nm @30KeV SE/ 4.0nm @BSE
Magnification 10 ~ 1,000,000X
Image Color Optical Microscope Image (Option)
Beam Scan Mode Search, Inspection, Photo (3step)
Accelerating Voltage 0.5kV~30kV
Electron Gun Type Tungsten Filament
Bias System Linked with Acc. Voltage plus continuous voltage control
Gun Alignment Pre-centered cartridge
Condenser Lens Electromagnetic 2 stages
Objective Lens Electromagnetic 1 stages
Stigmator 8 Pole Electromagnetic Type
Detector Bar Type SE Detector (SE-BSE Conversion Mode Without BSE detector for Non-coating sample inspection)
Image Shift 4 Pole Electromagnetic Type
Automation Function Auto-Focus, Auto-Stigmatism, Auto Contrast/Brightness, Emission Current etc.
Frame Memory &Scan Search (640X480) >30 frame/sInspection (1280X960)  30 frame/sPhoto(4096X4096)  2 frame/s
Image Analyzer Particle Counter Multi-Focusing/ Image Tiling/ 3D-View/Enhancement/ Color Transformation/Filters/ Blob Analysis (Single/Multiple/Grouping), Histogram, Excel Data, Point Measurement
Movement (X/Y/Z) mm 50/ 60/ 57mm
Tilt -30~60° (Max 90 °)
Rotation 360°
Stage Motorization X,Y,R (Standard) X,Y,Z,Tilt,Rotation (Option)
Vacuum Control Type Full automation with safety system
Vacuum System Rotary Pump + Diffusion Pump or Rotary Pump + Turbo Pump (Option)
Computer System Intel Pentium 4(Dual Co-Processor)
Memory ≥ 256MB, Control Data Interface
Operation System Image Acquisition

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