Angstrom Advanced ADX-2700 X-ray Powder Diffraction Instrument


Angstrom Advanced ADX-2700 X-ray Powder Diffraction Instrument


Angstrom Advanced ADX-2700 θ-θ Powder X-ray Diffraction Instrument is multi-function diffractometer with exceptional analysis speed, reliability and reproducibility. Angstrom Advanced ADX-2700 is a diffraction instrument designed for the challenges of modern materials research. Angstrom Advanced ADX-2700 can analyze powders, liquids, thin films, nanomaterials and many other different materials. Angstrom Advanced ADX-2700 can be used for many different applications: Academic, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical & Petrochemical, Material Research, Thin Film Metrology, Nano technology, Food & Cosmetics, Forensics, Mining & Minerals, Metals, Plastics & Polymers, etc.


Computed tomography, High-resolution X-ray diffraction, High throughput screening, In-plane diffraction, Crystallite size and micro-strain analysis, Micro-diffraction, Non-ambient diffraction, Pair distribution function analysis, Phase identification, Phase quantification, Reflectivity analysis, Residual stress analysis,
Crystallography, Texture analysis, Transmission, Thin film analysis.

ADX-DWZ Combination of Eulerian cradle for stress and texture investigations, Thin film and Quantity Analysis attachment with control and analysis software with alignment-free feature.  

ADCX sample changer is compact and rugged. Integrated spinning improves particle statistics in polycrystalline sample measurements. Fully automatic alignment. Programmable


Angstrom Advanced AHTK 1000 high temperature attachment
Automated variable temperature stage for X-ray diffraction measurements of materials at elevated temperatures (room temperature-1200°C). The stage may be operated in vacuum. The sample is heated radiantly for reduced heat gradients within the sample. Automated z translation within the stage assures precise sample positioning even in the presence of thermal expansion of the sample.

Angstrom Advanced ALTK-450 Variable temperature attachment
Automated variable temperature stage for X-ray diffraction measurements of crystal structure (-193°C-450°C). The stage can be operated under liquid nitrogen cooling conditions..


  • General diffraction data processing: automatic peak search, manual peak search, integral intensity, separation of Kα1,α2, background remove, pattern smoothing and magnifying, mulriple plot, three-dimensional plot and simulation of XRD pattern.
  • Qualitative Analysis: The data processing software has the search and match function on the base of whole profile and diffraction angle. The whole profile matching procedure employs the designed mode to do the qualitative analysis by reducing the search range from major, minor, to micro phase without indicating the diffraction angle. The diffraction angle matching procedure is based on the peaks position and intensity and usually used for the qualitative analysis of the data with large angle error.
  • Quantitative Analysis: After the phase composition is determined, the content of each phase could be calculated with the help of RIR or/and the Rietveld refinement (Quantitative Analysis without criterion)
  • Plot and Export: The data processing software is operated within the Windows interface. The preparing exported pattern could be labeled, zoomed in, zoomed out and also copied and pasted.
  • Phase identification, structure analysis, Thin film analysis, stress investigation, Texture analysis are all available

Parts and Specifications

X-ray Generator Control mode 1kV/step, 1mA/step controlled by PC
Rated output power 4 kW
Tube voltage 10-60 kV 1kV continuously adjustable
Tube current 5-80 mA continuously adjustable
X-ray tube Cu, Fe, Co, Cr, Mo et al (2 kW)
Focus dimension: 1×10 mm2 or 0.4×10 mm2
Stability ≤ 0.0005%  mains fluctuation
Goniometer Goniometer theta(θ)/theta(θ)
Diffraction circle semi-diameter 285mm
Scan range of θ -3° to +160°
Continuous scanning speed 0.006-96°/min
Setting speed of angle 1500°/min
Scan mode θ-θ or θ, θ; Continuous or step scanning
One way repeatability of θ ≤ 0.0002°
Precision of θd or θs ≤0.005°
Minimal stepping angle 0.0001°
Record Unit Counter PC or SC
Maximal CPS 5×10^6 CPS
Proportion counter energy spectrum resolution ≤ 25%(PC), ≤ 50%(SC)
Detectable high voltage 1500-2100 continuous tune
High voltage of  the counter differential or integral, automatic PHA, dead time emendation
ADX-DWZ System detector stability ≤ 0.01%
Micro Structure Micro Structure analysis, +/-0.5nm
Micro-Diffraction Micro sample or area, 2nm-19 um
Integrated performance Dispersion dosage ≤ 1μSv/h
Integrated stability of the system ≤ 0.5%
Dimension 1000 × 800 × 1640 mm

One Response to “Angstrom Advanced ADX-2700 X-ray Powder Diffraction Instrument”

  1. Angstrom Advanced Says:

    X-ray diffractometer consist of three basic elements: an X-ray tube, a sample holder, and an X-ray detector.

    When a monochromatic x-ray beam with wavelength l is incident on the lattice planes in a crystal planes in a crystal at an angle q, diffraction occurs only when the distance traveled by the rays reflected from successive planes differs by a complete number n of wavelengths. By varying the angleq, the Bragg’s Law conditions are satisfied by different d-spacing in polycrystalline materials. Plotting the angular positions and intensities of the resultant diffraction peaks produces a pattern which is characterized of the sample. Where a mixture of different phases is present, the diffractogram is formed by addition of the individual patterns.

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