Angstrom Advanced 2013 Knowledge base: Nitrogen Generating Plant

Nitrogen Generator Pressure Swing Adsorption
The technology of air-to-nitrogen production with the use of adsorption processes in nitrogen generators is well studied and widely applied at industrial facilities for the recovery of high-purity nitrogen.
The operating principle of a nitrogen generator utilizing the adsorption technology is based on the dependence of the adsorption rates featured by various gas mixture components upon pressure and temperature factors. Among nitrogen adsorption plants of various types, Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) plants have found the broadest application world-wide.
The system’s design is based on the regulation of gas adsorption and adsorbent regeneration by means of changing pressures in two adsorber–adsorbent-containing vessels. This process requires constant temperature, close to ambient.
With this process, nitrogen is produced by the plant at the above-atmospheric pressure, while the adsorbent regeneration is accomplished at below-atmospheric pressure.
The swing adsorption process in each of the two adsorbers consists of two stages running for a few minutes. At the adsorption stage the adsorbent serves to adsorb predominantly one of the gas mixture components with the recovery of product nitrogen. At the regeneration stage the adsorbed component is released from the adsorbent and is vented in the atmosphere. The process is then multiply repeated.

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