Angstrom Advanced HGH-300 and HGH-500 Hydrogen Generator


Angstrom Advanced HGH-300 and HGH-500 high purity hydrogen generators are based on the technology of astronautic fuel cells, in which hydrogen is produced by the electrolysis of water, and the produced oxygen is released into the atmosphere. The generator consists of electrolyzing/separating pool, power supply, pressure control, desiccation& purification, flow display etc. The core part – electrolyzing & separating pool, uses a tube shaped positive pole and a plate shaped negative pole. Both poles are made of stainless steel. The electrolyzing & separating pools store electrolytes, produce hydrogen as well as release hydrogen at the same time.
Angstrom Advanced HGH series hydrogen generators have the advantages of large electrolyzing area, low temperature of the pool, better performance, high production and high purity of hydrogen. The instrument has been specially designed to prevent liquid from back-flowing.


  • It is very easy to operate — all you need is to turn on the switch.
  • The pressure of released hydrogen is steady. The flow rate is digitally displayed on the LED display.
  • The only material that the instruments consume is distilled water.
  • The liquid storage, hydrogen electrolyzing and desorbing are integrated together in the instrument
  • The generator features large electrolyzing area, low pool temperature, long service life combined with high production and high purity of hydrogen.
  • The instrument has specially designed components that prevent liquid from back-flowing. As a result, there is no need to change the discolored silica gel frequently.
  • The adoption of the advanced power switches improves the electrolytic efficiency.
  • The generator is a great substitute of high-pressure steel bottles used in the laboratory application.


Hydrogen Purity 99.999%
Output Flow HGH-300 (0-300 ml/min)
HGH-500 (0-500 ml/min)
Output Pressure 0~0.4MPa (0.4±0.01MPa)
Power Supply 220VAC at 50Hz or 110VAC at 60Hz
Maximum Power 180W

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