Angstrom Advanced LC-100 S-HPLCTM


Angstrom Advanced LC-100 series S-HPLC chromatography system features fully automatic digital computer control. Its electronic circuit design, internal mechanical structure design, processing technology, functions of cinematography workstation and the technical criteria make it a leading products with excellent stability and reliability.


Main features

  • Fully automated digital intelligent computer control
  • In-parallel connected pumps with reciprocating double plungers improves the stability, reliability and the service life.
  • Noval appearance, convenient and simple operation and ergonomic design
  • Precise positioning structure in the optical path system
  • Heat insulation installation technology guarantees higher precision, smaller excursion, and shorter period for stabilization
  • All of components are made by leading digital processing centers of the world

Features of pump and pump control

  • Microprocessor controlled reciprocating pump with a parallel connection of double plungers has higher operating pressure, smaller pulsation stable performance convenient operation, etc. Through alternating the double plungers to perfuse the service life of the piston rod and that of the leather packing collar are twice longer than those of common pumps with connection in series.
  • All the mechanical components of the pumps adopt the computer aided design and advanced digital control manufacturing process.After strict pressure tests we can guarantee that our pumps will never have any possibility of leakages.
  • Angstrom Advanced LC-100 has process monitoring function. The microprocessor furnished has the flow of the pump under a real-time control and provides an actual monitoring of the perfusion pressure. Once the pressure exceeds the limit, the pump will automatically stop operating and give out a warning alarm.
  • When performing the equality analysis of mono pump, the user can shift between various operating modes by pressing four function keys. This is done in accordance with the prompts on the LCD display of the instrument and the user can conveniently set the settings of the flow maximal/minimal pressure limit, working hours, pressure unit and other related parameters.
  • Both the mechanical and circuit parts can be independently assembled/disassembled.
  • The microprocessor controlled micro drive circuit makes the stepper motor that drives the pump runs steadily, reduces its noise and enlarges the allowable range of speed regulation. HPLC LC100 can satisfy the requirements of both the routine analysts and the micro-analysis of flow.
  • The microprocessor performs a real-time control of flow and monitors the actual perfusion pressure constantly. If the pressure limit is exceeded, the microprocessor will give out a warning alarm and stop the pump’s operation automatically.

Features of UV detectors

  • Most common UV detectors bring distortion and interference during their multiple analog-to-digital conversion of chromatograph signal. LC-100 series S-HPLC uses digital switch system, in which the digital signal from the detector is outputted directly to the WS100 workstation, therefore avoiding the signal distortion and interference.
  • The flow cell design improves the detector’s every technical parameter.
  • A precise positioning structure with high accuracy and small deviation is applied in the optical path system.
  • Heat insulation is used in deuterium lamp and the optical path system to shortens stabilizing procedure and minimizes the negative effect that the deuterium lamp brings to the optical path system.
  • The preamplifier adopts an instrument amplifier with high impedance but low excursion and an A/D switch with high definition. Under common analysis circumstances its dynamic range can amount to 106 which ensures the precision of logarithmic calculation.

Specifications – Pumps

Flow Control Range 0.001 ~ 9.999 mL/min, regulate the flow by the step length of 0.001 mL/min
Error of Set value SS ±2%
Flow Stability Error SR <0.3%
Peak Operating Pressure 42 MPa(0.001-9.999mL/min)
Pressure Linearity and Accuracy The pressure error displayed is less than ±0.5MPa(0~42MPa)
Pressure Pulsation less than 0.1 MPa(Flow: 1 mL/min, Pressure: 5~10MPa)
Leak Tightness of Pump pressure (42 MPa), working hours (10mins), pressure fall(less than 0.5 Mpa)
Overall Dimension 450mm(L) × 300mm(W) × 160mm(H)

Specifications – UV detector

Wavelength Range 190 ~ 600nm
Baseline Noise £ 5 × 10-5 AU Peak-to-peak Value (Methanol, 1mL/min, 254nm, 20°C)
£ ± 0.25 × 10-5 AU(empty cell, response time: 1 second, 20°C
Baseline Drift £ 5 × 10-4AU/hr (Methanol, 1mL/min, 254nm, 20°C)
£ 0.4 × 10-4 AU (empty cell, response time: 1 second, 20°C)
Minimum detection Quantity £ 2 × 10-8 g/ml (Naphthalene/Methanol solvent)
Wavelength Value Error £ ± 2nm
Wavelength Repeatability £ 0.2nm
spectrum Band width 8nm
Linearity Range  ³ 104

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