Angstrom Advanced Model GC102AF/AT Gas Chromatograph

Angstrom Advanced Model GC102AF/AT Gas Chromatograph



  • Computer aided temperature control with high accuracy (less than ±0.1°C)
  • All control and application parameters, including operation parameters of the detector, can be set up through the keyboard. Functions, such as self-diagnosis, switch-off protection, document storage and transaction, limit temperature setup thermal trip valve setup, and FID auto-ignition are incorporated inside of the instrument.
  • Large-screen LCD display, can accurately and clearly present all temperature control setup values, actual values, TCD working electricity supply, sensitivity of FID magnifier, and etc.
  • The instrument supports packed column i.e. on-column sample injection. It is compatible with such devices as instantaneous vaporizing sample injection, gas sample injection with gas sample injection valves, and 0.53mm large diameter capillary column direct sampler.
  • Open-end computer system can apply RS-232 interface and FJ-2000 chromatogram workstation to achieve dual path communication control and data processing.
  • Large capacity column (300mm×280mm×270mm) is easy to install together with packed column and large diameter capillary column.


Temperature control areas gas chromatogram column, sampler, detector
Temperature control range 15°C-399°C of room temperature (increment by 1°C)
Temperature control accuracy (measured at 200°C) less than ±0.1°C
Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
Detection limit Mt≤1×10-10g/s (sample C16)
Drift ≤2×10-12A/h
Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)
Sensitivity S≥ (carrier gas: H2; sample: n-Hexadecane)
Baseline noise ≤20mV
Baseline drift ≤50mV/h

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