Angstrom Advanced ABT-9300S Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Angstrom Advanced ABT-9300S Laser Particle Size Analyzer



  • Advanced manufacturing techniques make the unit compact, great in appearance and convenient for use and maintenance. Effective anti-interference technology improves electrical stability and reduces fault rate.
  • Two sample feeding modes: small cell and flow cell (automatic circulating & dispersing system (ACDS)); selectable for user with easy replacement.
  • Mie scattering and Fraunhoffer diffraction theories are applied in data processing, both include R-R distribution and random distribution for selection.
  • Interior computer controlled self-alignment system will focus lens automatically to improve accuracy; separate ACDS makes sample preparation more convenient.
  • Specially designed light receiver array with 76 detectors improves resolution. User-friendly interface of test software makes for easy operation with options for saving results, locating details, comparing, merging, editing, deleting, and help.
  • Six report forms in English; including cumulative particle size distribution of data and graph, frequency particle size distribution of data, histogram and typical particle diameter range such as D3, D10, D25,D50, D75, D84, D90, D97, D98, etc. Layout, color, and font of the report are editable.

Precise 3-D Self-Alignment System


  • Precise hybrid stepping motor, step angle 0.9°
  • MCU system and software system, shortest step 1μm.
  • Imported guide, guide screw and connecting axle
  • Smooth operation, good following ability, highly precise locating.


  • Constant alignment: during each test the laser will align itself to illuminate the center of the detector and improve accuracy.
  • Free replacement: Light beam stays in alignment even during replacement of small sample cell and flow cell.
  • Self-alignment: in case of light path deviation due to slight deformation of instrument (caused by installation location, vibration, thermal expansion or contraction), system will correct itself automatically to maintain accuracy.

ABT-800 Auto Circulate & Dispersion System

  • Sample preparation is significant for optimum test results. Before testing, the sample will be dispersed until stable and homogeneous in proper concentration without sedimentation. ABT-9300S incorporates all of these capabilities.
  • Ultrasonic System (50W):
    During dispersion, a shock wave of ultrasonic frequency is imparted on particles through water to disperse them fully without breaking. Optimal testing conditions are available under Precise Timing Function.
  • Circulating pump:
    Centrifugal assembly is completely made of stainless steel, causing no contamination to the sample. Pump blades will fully agitate sample to make it homogeneous. Adjustable flow rate is suitable for varied particle size or sample with varied density.
  • Highly automatic:
    Automatic controllers on liquid level, water supply and drainage as well as a connection to public utilities; which results in an uninterrupted water supply with flush and drainage.


  • Test software operates perfectly in any WindowsTM system and comes complete with a user-friendly interface.
  • Data processing performed by utilizing the Mie scattering theory. RI’s of varied sample types and mediums are available to ensure accuracy.
  • Save, find, delete, merge, and compare test results before printing out in multiple forms. Microsoft Excel data export is available for additional analysis and processing.
  • Varied test data and figures are obtainable in one window using serial test, making it easy to compare accuracy and repeatability.
  • Real-time monitoring can single out and delete abnormal tests to make results more reliable.
  • Integration of test and state: integrate test steps in one window to make testing convenient and efficient.
  • Automatic light path adjustment : Software will examine and correct light beams in real-time to make sure beam is centered on the detector.
  • Test report can be processed and printed in Word, Excel and WordPad.


  • Non-metallic powders such as calcium carbonate, talcum powder, kaolin, zirconium silicate, wollastonite, graphite, silica powder, tourmaline, mica, barite, plaster, bentonite, diamond, quartz, diatomite, feldspar, calamite, clay, garnet, vermiculite, Titanium white powder and etc.
  • Metallic powder such as aluminum powder, iron powder, magnesium powder, molybdenum powder, copper powder, zinc powder, other rare metal power, varied alloy powder and etc.
  • Pharmaceutical, agricultural pesticide, grinding particle, foodstuff, scientific research, teaching, cement, ceramic, glass, chemical industry, military industry, soil, pigment, oil exploration, geological analysis, river silt, electronic particle and etc.


Size range 0.1 μm – 340 μm
Sample feeding mode Small cell and flow cell
Repeatability error ≤1%(for standard sample D50)
Test time Normally 1-3 mins
Gross weight (including all accessories and spare parts) 135Kg
Size 660 × 280 × 290 mm3
Power 180 Watt
Voltage 220V / 110V
Precision of self-alignment system ≤1μm

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