Angstrom Advanced ABT-2003 Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Angstrom Advanced ABT-2003 Laser Particle Size Analyzer



Particle sizing is a critical production process. Particle size distribution is significant for quality control, quality assurance and performance testing. Examples of this can include: catalyst on catalytic result; cement curing time and ultimate strength; mineral composition and quality and performance; for coating effect and surface luster for painting applications; for determining medicinal taste, absorption rate and curative effect, etc. Therefore effective particle size distribution control in powder processing is the top priority for quality assurance, public health and safety, reduction of energy consumption and control of product waste. Effective control on particle size distribution in powder processing and application is important for quality improvement, protection of public health, reduction of energy consumption and control of environment pollution.
ABT-2003 laser particle size analyzer (LPSA) is a new model particle size analyzer working on the basis of laser scattering theory. It includes analyzer itself, sample preparation device and computer system, etc. Sample is carried to the testing zone in analyzer by sample preparation device, after laser illumination, scattered light signals are detected and transformed into an electric signal. This signal is then transmitted to the computer by USB or RS232 to be processed by special particle size test software on the basis of Mie theory to obtain results of particle size distribution.


  • Advanced manufacturing techniques makes the instrument compact, great in appearance and convenient for use and maintenance. Effective anti-interference technology improves electrical stability and reduces fault rate.
  • Two sample feeding modes: small cell and automatic circulating & dispersing system (ACDS). Selectable by the user with easy replacement.
  • Mie scattering and Fraunhoffer diffraction theories are applied in data processing. Both include R-R distribution and random distribution for selection.
  • Interior computer-controlled self-alignment system performs automatic lens focus to improve accuracy; Exterior ACDS makes sample preparation more convenient.
  • Specially designed light receiver array with 76 detectors, greatly improves resolution. User-friendly interface of the test software makes operation easy; including saving of results, locating details, comparison, merging, editing, deleting, help, etc.
  • Six report forms in English including cumulative particle size distribution data and graph, frequency particle size distribution data, histogram and typical particle diameter range such as D3, D10, D25, D50, D75, D84, D90, D97, D98, etc. Layout, color, and font of the report are editable.


  1. Non-metallic powders such as calcium carbonate, talcum powder, kaolin, zirconium silicate, wollastonite, graphite, silica powder, tourmaline, mica, barite, plaster, bentonite, diamond, quartz, diatomite, feldspar, calamite, clay, garnet, vermiculite, Titanium white power, etc.
  2. Metallic powders, such as aluminum powder, iron powder, magnesium powder, molybdenum powder, copper powder, zinc powder, other rare metal power and varied alloy powder, etc
  3. Pharmaceutical, agricultural pesticide, grinding particle, foodstuff, scientific research, teaching, cement, ceramic, glass, chemical industry, military industry, soil, pigment, oil exploration, geological analysis, river silt and electronic particle, etc.


Size Range 0.04 – 600μm
Sample feeding mode Flow cell
Repeatability ≤1%(for standard sample D50)
Test Time 1-3 min/test
Test Report Cumulative particle size distribution (data + curve), differential particle size distribution (data+ histogram, median (D50), weight average particle size, specific surface area, ect.
Data Transmission USB or RS232
Computer & system Windows ME, 2000, and XP
Printer Stylus printer, ink, and laser

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