Angstrom Advanced Liquid Nitrogen/Oxygen/Argon Plant by Cryogenic Technology

Liquid Nitroge/Oxygen/Argon Plant by Cryogenic Technology

For more information please call Angstrom Advanced at: 781.519.4765

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Liquid Nitrogen/Oxygen/Argon Plants by Cryogenic Technology are top of the line systems. Our generator applications cover a range of production rates depending on the settings employed: Oxygen: 5~10,000L/H, Nitroge: 5~10,000L/H, and Argon: 1~500L/H. The Cryogenic Engine features Fully Automatic G-M cold head with integral contrlos. It also includes high efficiency frequency drive with water cooling or optional air cooling. Fully automatic programmable logic controls (PLC) provide many features and modes including auto start, timed run, auto purge, etc. At the time of the order, an Optional Chiller can be attached to liquefier unit to allow continuous operation up to 45°C. The output purity of each gas generated from the plant are as follows: Nitrogen-99.9999% Oxygen -99.95% Argon- 99.9999%.






Input Air Pressure


Working Pressure




Power Supply

AC 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz


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